Mathematical Methods for 3D Reconstruction of Cell Structures

  • Dalibor Martišek Brno University of Technology
Keywords: Cell structure, 3D reconstruction, Scalar data, Direct volume rendering, Illuminant model, Line segment rasterization


The study of the complicated architecture of cell space structures is an important problem in biology and medical research. Optical cuts of cells produced by confocal microscopes contain a lot of information, however, most of this is unsubstantial for human vision. Therefore, it is necessary to use mathematical algorithms for the visualization of such images. Present software tools such as OpenGL or DirectX run quickly in a graphic station with special graphic cards, run very unsatisfactory on PC without these cards and outputs are usually poor for real data. These tools are black boxes for a common user and make it impossible to correct and improve them. With the method proposed, more parameters of the environment can be set. The quality of the output is incomparable to the earlier described methods and is worth increasing the computing time. We would like to offer mathematical methods of 3D scalar data visualization describing new algorithms that run on standard PCs very well.


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