Improving Initial Aerofoil Geometry Using Aerofoil Particle Swarm Optimisation

  • Jan Muller Brno University of Technology, Czech Republic
Keywords: Swarm Algorithms, Bezier-PARSEC Model, Aerofoil, Wing, Aerofoil Wing, Optimisation, Metaheuristics, Xfoil


Advanced optimisation of the aerofoil wing of a general aircraft is the main subject of this paper. Meta-heuristic optimisation techniques, especially swarm algorithms, were used. Subsequently, a new variant denoted as aerofoil particle swarm optimisation (aPSO) was developed from the original particle swarm optimisation (PSO). A parametric model based on B-spline was used to optimise the initial aerofoil. The simulation software Xfoil was calculating basic aerodynamic features (lift, drag, moment).


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