Pre-training Two BERT-Like Models for Moroccan Dialect: MorRoBERTa and MorrBERT

  • Otman Moussaoui SIGL Laboratory, ENSA Tetuan, UAE
  • Yacine El Younnoussi Information System and Software Engineering, National School of Applied Sciences, Abdelmalek Essaadi University, Morocco
Keywords: Moroccan Dialect, BERT, RoBERTa, Natural Language Processing, Pre-trained, Machine Learning


This research article presents a comprehensive study on the pre-training of two language models, MorRoBERTa and MorrBERT, for the Moroccan Dialect, using the Masked Language Modeling (MLM) pre-training approach. The study details the various data collection and pre-processing steps involved in building a large corpus of over six million sentences and 71 billion tokens, sourced from social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube. The pre-training process was carried out using the HuggingFace Transformers API, and the paper elaborates on the configurations and training methodologies of the models. The study concludes by demonstrating the high accuracy rates achieved by both MorRoBERTa and MorrBERT in multiple downstream tasks, indicating their potential effectiveness in natural language processing applications specific to the Moroccan Dialect.


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