Dynamic of Firework Algorithm Analyzed with Complex Network

  • Tomas Kadavy
  • Michal Pluhacek
  • Adam Viktorin
  • Roman Senkerik
Keywords: Firework Algorithm, FWA, Complex Network, Surface Analysis


In this paper, a visualization of Firework Algorithm (FWA) inner dynamics as an evolving complex network is presented. Recent research in unconventional controlling and simulation of metaheuristic dynamics shows that this kind of visualization technique has been utilized only for algorithms with some social communication or behavior leading to sharing information across the population. However, provided analysis suggests that the network can identify some types of surface of tested functions.


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Kadavy, T., Pluhacek, M., Viktorin, A. and Senkerik, R. 2017. Dynamic of Firework Algorithm Analyzed with Complex Network. MENDEL. 23, 1 (Jun. 2017), 79-86. DOI:https://doi.org/10.13164/mendel.2017.1.079.
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