A Numerical Characterization of the Nanoparticles Distribution on the Surface of a Semiconductor

  • Zdena Rudolfova
  • Jana Hoderova
Keywords: distribution, Voronoi diagram, hypothesis testing, Legendre ellipse, 4PL function, nanoparticles


The motivation for this work was to qualitatively describe the distribution of Au nanoparticles on the surface of a semiconductor. We discuss suitable mathematical characteristics which allow the uniform distribution to be distinguished from the distribution a ected by any physical phenomenon, i.e. by the repulsive force between electrically charged particles or by the influence of properties of the surface. We identify Voronoi decomposition and a statistical analysis of Voronoi cell properties as a suitable tool for this purpose.


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Rudolfova, Z. and Hoderova, J. 2017. A Numerical Characterization of the Nanoparticles Distribution on the Surface of a Semiconductor. MENDEL. 23, 1 (Jun. 2017), 125-132. DOI:https://doi.org/10.13164/mendel.2017.1.125.
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