InterRC: An Inter-Resources Collaboration Heuristic for Scheduling Independent Tasks on Heterogeneous Distributed Environments

  • Abdelhamid Khiat Networks and Distributed Systems Division, Research Center on Scientific and Technical Information, Algeria ; Faculty of Exact Sciences, University of Bejaia, Algeria
  • Abdelkamel Tari Faculty of Exact Sciences, University of Bejaia, Algeria
Keywords: distributed computing, scheduling, makespan, evolutionary algorithms


The independent task scheduling problem in distributed computing environments with makespan optimization as an objective is an NP-Hard problem. Consequently, an important number of approaches looking to approximate the optimal makespan in reasonable time have been proposed in the literature. In this paper, a new independent task scheduling heuristic called InterRC is presented. The proposed InterRC solution is an evolutionary approach, which starts with an initial solution, then executes a set of iterations, for the purpose of improving the initial solution and close the optimal makespan as soon as possible. Experiments show that InterRC obtains a better makespan compared to the other efficient algorithms.


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