Spiral Extrusion Die Design using Modified Differential Evolution Algorithm

Keywords: spiral die, extrusion, industrial application, differential evolution, heuristic computing


In this work, a spiral extrusion die for industrial production of plastic foil has been designed using a modified differential evolution algorithm. The proposed method managed to provide a die design that was compliant with all demands of the foil manufacturer and lowered the production cost. Third-Party software is used to compute the die characteristics from the geometry designed by modified differential evolution.


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Pluhacek, M., Hrdy, M., Viktorin, A., Kadavy, T. and Senkerik, R. 2019. Spiral Extrusion Die Design using Modified Differential Evolution Algorithm. MENDEL. 25, 1 (Jun. 2019), 121-130. DOI:https://doi.org/10.13164/mendel.2019.1.121.
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